Would you like £10 off EVERY full hour treatment EVERY month? Or £5 off EVERY 30 minute or 45 minute treatment EVERY month?

As a Soul Space “Wellbeing Account Client” you can!

The vast majority of my clients see the value and reap the benefits, of coming to me every month for treatment, to keep on top of their aches and pains, and to have some regular precious ‘quality time’ for themselves to look forward to each month.

What does being a Soul Space “Wellbeing Account Client” mean? Well, it basically means you join a group of much-treasured clients, who benefit from a fantastic discount each and every month, by giving me your commitment to better health, and paying by direct debit or standing order every month. For just £60 (£10 off my usual rate), you will receive:

  • One Full Hour Holistic Aromatherapy (or other) Full Body Massage Treatment per month, booked in advance just for you, for a whole year, on a day and time to suit your schedule wherever possible.
  • 100% beautiful highest quality pure base and essential oils, selected together when you come, and blended individually for your needs on the day. You are given a beautiful 30ml glass bottle on your first visit, that you then bring back each month.
  • Remaining oil blend to take home with you every visit, with guidance for home use.
  • You can purchase Treatment Gift Vouchers for family or friends at the same reduced rate as you pay for your sessions.
  • Free advice anytime for yourself and your family on any specific conditions, with regards to essential oil applications.
  • Regular notifications of any events where I may be offering special promotions, products or treatments.

Please note that this monthly discounted rate can only be used for treatments given at the therapists home. Prices for mobile sessions differ from home clients.

Why not join them? Give yourself a commitment to less stress, better health, and an hour of much-needed ‘you time’ whilst saving £10 every month. Please contact me to discuss, and to book your first treatment. Sign up today!

Soul Space - Wellbeing Account Photo 01

I have used the image here to show that these clients in particular, really are the lifeline of my business – without them I would not have been able to support myself and my daughter over the past 20 years, and I am, and will be, eternally grateful for their loyalty and commitment, both to their own health, and my business.

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