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Well, because Soul Space is me, and I care!

I care very much about helping people to better health, not just through the treatments I give, but also through the time, through listening, responding, researching and working hard to meet the need, and through trying to help encourage people to listen to their own needs too. I want to help my clients to find coping mechanisms for the challenges that their life brings to them. Each one of us is an individual, and I always treat my clients as such. I aim to make a real difference to them, and always seek their feedback, to ensure I am doing just that.

In terms of treatments, I am quite different, in that as a Soul Space client, you will always get an individual Aromatherapy Oil Blend designed just for you, each and every treatment, using only the highest quality base and essential oils available, and you always get to take any remaining blend home at the end of the session for home use (with full guidance). This applies for all sessions.

I do this, because in some small way, I want to help my clients to continue the good work themselves at home between treatments, by using the wonderful base and essential oils that I benefit from so much myself too!

Wellbeing Account Clients also receive £10 off EVERY full hour treatment, EVERY month, (or £5 off every 30 or 45 minute treatment), as a thank you for their commitment to good health, by having regular sessions, and these clients also benefit in many other ways. Please see this section under ‘Therapies’ for more details.

Soul Space provides the perfect environment in which to relax and restore wellbeing, away from the stresses of everyday life...just for a little while. From the moment you arrive you will realise it is a place where you can unwind, switch off, relax and recharge your batteries. A friendly, caring, secure, personal, warm and non-judgemental space, where you can just be yourself and rest, knowing that you are in a calm, peaceful, safe environment, where your emotional and physical comfort is paramount, and where your modesty and confidentiality are always maintained.

If we can be mindful of simple pleasures such as an aromatic bath after a long day or sports session, or the relaxing aroma given by burning a few drops of your Soul Space blend at home in your bedroom or bathroom, or feel the effect of a couple of drops used as an inhalation for a bad cough or cold...we can start to appreciate ourselves, and these fantastic oils and products all the more...and hopefully in turn, this will encourage us to take a few minutes each day to rest and replenish our often depleted energies.

I always take a brief consultation prior to your first treatment, where we will discuss medical history, as well as covering lifestyle issues, individual stresses and to agree a treatment objective. This is so I can make absolutely sure you are receiving the best treatment, every time, with the most appropriate oils and techniques, to suit your individual needs, in a safe way. I will always work to improve your physical wellbeing and emotional health with love and care. I know that every single client is different, so every single treatment is tailored to suit you...
and only you...

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Make Soul Space...Your Space...