Indian Head Massage is a powerful ayurvedic head treatment, traditionally used by Indian women to keep their hair lustrous and healthy. It is said to relax the thin layer of muscle covering the head, improving blood flow, and nourishing hair follicles.

It can also incorporate work to the neck, shoulders, upper arms and upper back areas, and various pressure points are worked.

Massage movements are used to help alleviate stress, anxiety, tension, insomnia, tinnitus, jaw ache, sinus congestion and headaches, bringing a wonderful feeling of relaxation and calm to the individual. I usually use my treatment couch, with a lovely bespoke essential oil blend that can bring benefit to the condition of the scalp and hair, but it can also be done with a client seated, and through clothes without oil, if preferred.

Treatment Duration Price **W.A.C. Price
Initial Treatment including Consultation 45 mins £60.00*
Follow up – Face, head and neck only 30 mins £50.00 £45.00
Follow up – Including shoulders and back 45 mins £60.00 £55.00

* Consultation time is free
** Wellbeing Account Clients

  • There is a £25 standard cancellation/no-show fee for any appointment cancelled within 24 hours of the booked time. This is very low compared to high street salons and clinics, who usually charge 50-100% of the treatment cost, but it is just a little to cover my preparation time and not being able to re-book the slot at short notice.

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