Thai Foot Massage is a fully comprehensive mind and body treatment that is performed on the feet (and legs), on a massage treatment couch. It is one of the ancient healing arts of Traditional Thai medicine, and dates back at least 2,000 years.

This treatment is ideal for clients who do not want to disrobe, but do want a full body treatment. Thumb pressure and Thai foot sticks are used for specific pressure/reflex points, and Thai foot wrapping techniques are also used. The movements used in the massage represent and encourage all energy flows within the body. These are visceral, circulatory and nervous, but also energetic. Balanced flow equates to equilibrium in our lives. Through oriental therapy disciplines, we know that on the soles of the feet there are areas which are linked by nerve paths, through organs to the brain. With careful pressures, we can stimulate nerve activity between these. Pain in the body dulls that signal over time, and stops our healing. When we use pressures on specific points on the body we can re-start that process, without the pain.

Thai Foot Massage is ideal for those desiring increased energy and balance, release from stress, as well as those seeking to increase their level of health, wellbeing and vitality. I will use a gorgeous essential oil based reflexology balm for this treatment, or you can have a lovely Aromatherapy Oil Blend instead if you prefer, in which case you can take the remaining oil home with you (with guidance for home use).

Treatment Duration Price **W.A.C. Price
Initial Treatment including Consultation 45 mins £60.00*
Follow up – Foot massage only 30 mins £50.00 £45.00
Follow up – Including leg massage 45 mins £60.00 £55.00

* Consultation time is free
** Wellbeing Account Clients

  • There is a £25 standard cancellation/no-show fee for any appointment cancelled within 24 hours of the booked time. This is very low compared to high street salons and clinics, who usually charge 50-100% of the treatment cost, but it is just a little to cover my preparation time and not being able to re-book the slot at short notice.

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