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Hot Stones Aromatherapy Massage is an amazing treatment, which has all the benefits of the Holistic Aromatherapy and Swedish Massage techniques, but with the gorgeous addition of smooth, heated, volcanic basalt stones, which are applied to the body as I work.

These take the treatment to a much deeper level. It is an ancient therapy, thought to have been used for over 2000 years – in fact the first use of heated stones to relieve aching muscles dates back in China to around
ca. 4000BC!

Heated stones (of varying sizes) are placed at specific points along your spine, between your toes and in the palms of your hands to improve energy flow, and I incorporate additional stones using a variety of massage techniques, as I work across and down the body. The stones are rich in iron, hence the heat retention, and are kept warm in a special heating bag, which I heat to a safe temperature for use, up to 3 hours in advance of your session.

Use of the stones transfers heat to the client, increases the relaxation of muscles by penetrating the tissues at a deeper level, and therefore also reduces pressure on the joints. We can go deeper into the connective tissues (without having to go heavier in pressure which for some can cause discomfort). Hot Stones Massage helps every cell in the body to rejuvenate, receive more oxygen and nutrients, whilst supporting the usual excretion of toxins that massage provides, as well as balancing the nervous system. Cold stones can also be used if required, to help with migraines, or reduce inflammation where needed. These can also be used to stimulate and decongest a tired body. As with the Aromatherapy Massage, an individual blend of wonderful base and essential oils is used, and again, any remaining blend left from the treatment, is given to you for your own use at home.

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Treatment Duration Price **W.A.C. Price
Initial Treatment including Consultation 75 mins £80.00*
Follow up – Full Body + extra time for problem areas 75 mins £95.00 £85.00
Follow up – Full Body 60 mins £80.00 £70.00

* Consultation time is free
** Wellbeing Account Clients

  • There is a £25 standard cancellation/no-show fee for any appointment cancelled within 24 hours of the booked time. This is very low compared to high street salons and clinics, who usually charge 50-100% of the treatment cost, but it is just a little to cover my preparation time and not being able to re-book the slot at short notice.

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