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Reiki (pronounced Ray Key) Healing is a non-invasive, full body treatment, using a Japanese technique of hands-on healing, to reduce stress, and promote healing and relaxation. The client remains fully clothed throughout, and it is a very gentle, intuitive treatment.

Hands are laid onto the client gently, or are sometimes held slightly off the body, utilising the chakra points, to boost their “life force energy” and to give and maintain a healthy flow to the body.

“Reiki” is made up from two Japanese words – “Rei” meaning “The higher power” and “Ki” which means “Life force energy”. It has no religion, and is beneficial for, and to, everyone. It is a safe natural method of providing healing, that serves to provide a strong sense of peace and calm, much needed in this busy and demanding world we find ourselves in today. Reiki can be used alongside other medical or therapy techniques to promote recovery, or can be used alone if required. It supports the healing mechanisms of the body, and aids stress, and can also help to create a greater sense of optimism and positivity for the client.

Treatment Duration Price **W.A.C. Price
Initial Treatment including Consultation 75 mins £70.00*
Follow up – Full Body Healing 60 mins £70.00 £60.00

* Consultation time is free
** Wellbeing Account Clients

  • There is a £25 standard cancellation/no-show fee for any appointment cancelled within 24 hours of the booked time. This is very low compared to high street salons and clinics, who usually charge 50-100% of the treatment cost, but it is just a little to cover my preparation time and not being able to re-book the slot at short notice.

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