Would you like to reward your staff but don’t have the funds? Do you and your staff need a treat, or do you need to boost morale? Then why not consider giving yourself and your staff a reward that may be substantially cheaper than a pay rise, but just as well received. It could also improve productivity by relaxing and uplifting your employees.

I have previously offered on-site massage services to local corporate businesses. One example of this was Virgin Holidays and this was the feedback I got from their Director of Corporate Development:

I asked Lisa to assist us in making a bit of an impact when celebrating the Virgin Holidays and Hip Hotels 2nd birthday celebrations. I wanted something for the staff across the business to enjoy – offering them some luxury. Some 20+ staff enjoyed 10 minute back rubs, and the feedback was overwhelmingly positive. The department has never been so popular! We even had to develop a ‘stand-by’ list – such was her popularity. Would I do it again? Yes. Would I ask Lisa to arrange it? Hell yes!

Richard Bodin

Director of Corporate Development, Virgin Holidays, Crawley, Sussex

I also used to provide regular monthly massage days to Bales Worldwide Travel (since bought by Virgin Holidays!). Here is what their Human Resources Director said about the service:

Lisa used to visit our Bales Worldwide office on a monthly basis, to offer massage treatments to our staff. This was part of an initiative to improve employee work/life balance at Bales Worldwide. It was a tremendous success, and all appointment slots were fully booked each month. The feedback for Lisa was excellent, and she quickly developed a regular and loyal employee following. Lisa shows great passion for her work, and has an expertise and in depth knowledge about a range of massage and aromatherapy treatments. She was always totally professional in her approach but at the same time, very friendly and approachable. She is very caring, and has great empathy of every individual’s therapeutic needs. Lisa has a bright positive nature and brought ‘sunshine’ to our office each month; after her treatments, employees felt calm, relaxed and energised.

Vivienne Thorn

previous HR and Health & Safety Director, Bales Worldwide Ltd., Surrey

Many companies are finding that they are unable to afford to reward their staff financially in the current economic climate, but by offering complementary health services, staff can feel greatly appreciated and supported...which can only benefit the company. All you need to do is provide a space. I do the rest. I come to you, bring a specially designed massage couch or chair (depending on the space and level of privacy available), couch roll, oils and towels if required, and everything else needed to treat your staff (usually for between 10 and 30 minutes depending on your preference). They can then return to work feeling both invigorated and relaxed.


As a company, it can just cost you the time and space, nothing more – you can give your staff the time, and they pay for the treatments themselves. Alternatively, you can subsidise treatments for your staff – it’s your call. I recommend 15 minute sessions, during which I would massage them fully clothed, without oils on a portable massage chair. Or, if you can provide a larger private location, shirts can be removed and oil applied, and I would work on their head, neck, shoulder and back areas. I would charge £25 per 15 minute treatment, or can negotiate different fees, if your staff would prefer shorter or longer treatment times. There will be a minimum requirement for treatments booked for a certain timeframe, in order for me to book out the time in my diary required. We can discuss this when you contact me with more details of what your specific needs are.

Corporate Fundraising or Special Business Events

If you are not in a position to offer your employees a session on a regular basis, but would like my help at any business fundraising or fun event you have coming up, then why not think about on-site massage for this? Take a look at my ‘Therapy Events’ heading from this menu, and check out the Corporate Testimonials given too...massage can be a really fun way to raise funds and cheer up your staff or clients!

Other Professional Work

I also used to work at Cranfold Physiotherapists in Cranleigh village, two days a week for many years, working closely with all the physiotherapists and staff there which I loved. My own business then built up to the point where I needed to leave sadly to fulfil my obligations to my home clients, but I have always kept in touch, and here is a testimonial from my boss there:

Lisa was a valued member of the Cranfold Team and is professional and trustworthy. Our patients loved the organic individually blended oils that she uses, and emerged from treatment relaxed and fragrant, ready to take on the world! Lisa's enthusiasm for her therapies is unbounded and leads her to continually extend her skills.

Wendyanne Harrison

Founder, Cranfold Physical Therapy Centre, Cranleigh, Surrey

So – if you think I can help your company in any way, please do not hesitate to get in touch!

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