Baby Massage can help with the discomfort of colic, other common digestive problems and sleep problems. It also helps to release the natural “happy” endorphins that babies are great at producing, so for most babies, massage is a highly enjoyable experience.

Pain produces tension, and tension goes to the muscles of the body. Babies biggest muscles are in their bottoms, so they tighten these muscles, keeping any trapped wind inside. We can therefore help them with massage, to relax these muscles, and in doing so, release the tension, and therefore the pain. Baby massage can also improve muscle and bone development and general skin health. It is also great for encouraging a baby’s reflex ability and their motor skills.

Touch relaxes, soothes, calms and reassures babies, and can often improve the bond between parent and child. It can be especially useful for parents who have to work long hours, and want to spend some extra special quality time with their babies, or for grandparents or other caregivers to learn. Early bonding is important to give the child comfort and reassurance. The majority of babies respond extremely well to touch, and extending this through regular massage can make them feel extra special. I tend to find that babies respond well to massage from around 3 months until they start learning to crawl, then they don’t want to lie still for a massage when there is a world to explore! So getting the time right is important. A baby that has had and enjoyed massage when they are tiny, will often remember the sensations of it, and love having massages once again when the crawling stage is over and they are up on their feet!

I offer both ‘Individual Sessions’ for you and your baby, as well as more cost-effective ‘Group Sessions’, which can be done at your home with your friends, where I teach you all how to massage your own babies. What better excuse for you all to get together than to learn Baby Massage? Session times can be booked to suit you, and can be held at your home or mine as you prefer. If I am coming to you, travelling time and costs will be added. Individual Sessions last approximately one hour, during which time I will massage your baby, and then you massage them as I provide you with one-to-one tutoring, so that you can then use the techniques yourself with your baby at home on a regular basis, and show other caregivers how to do it too.

Group Sessions last approximately one and a half to two hours (depending how happy and co-operative the little ones are!), during which time I will demonstrate the massage techniques, and provide tutoring to the carers as they learn, by massaging their own babies. I will provide all the safe oil blends required for the session. Mums need only to provide towels for their own baby, and if part of a Group Session, their normal changing bags and feeds! You will all be provided with a handout to take home at the end of the session with guidance for using the techniques and oils used at home. Additional baby massage oil blends can be available to purchase on the day if required.

Please note that these prices are based on sessions carried out at my home. If you would like me to come to your own home to lead an individual or group session, usual mileage fees and travelling time will be charged as extra.

Treatment Duration Price **W.A.C. Price
Individual Session 60 mins £70.00* £60.00
Group Sessions 90-120 minutes £125.00* £115.00

* Plus travelling time and mileage if in your home
** Wellbeing Account Clients

  • There is a £25 standard cancellation/no-show fee for any appointment cancelled within 24 hours of the booked time. This is very low compared to high street salons and clinics, who usually charge 50-100% of the treatment cost, but it is just a little to cover my preparation time and not being able to re-book the slot at short notice.

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