Holistic Aromatherapy Massage (and all my other treatments) are safe, enjoyable and effective for the vast majority of people.

Sometimes however, an individuals medical history (current or past) may mean that treatment is not advisable for them at this time. These are called ‘Contraindications to Treatment’ and I would ask that you check this section prior to booking in for treatment to avoid disappointment later! Some mean you cannot be treated, some need a GP’s approval, and some just mean we need to avoid certain areas. I shall explain these differences below.

These contraindications are all here to protect you, to make sure that you get the most from your massage session, and that I am treating you safely, taking all your medical history and personal details and situations into account. Every client has a 15-20 minute health consultation with me when they come for their initial visit, which is absolutely vital in making sure I give them the safest, most effective treatment. They are also there to protect me as your therapist, as I rely solely on your honesty during this medical consultation to help me to keep you safe.

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The worst thing for a therapist is to have to turn anyone away when they come for a session, so if you are unsure if massage is safe for you, please do contact me and your medical professional prior to coming, to save the disappointment. Please read on to help you with this decision.

Some contraindications are ‘Total Contraindications’ – which means that massage should not be performed at all. These include: Covid-19 (or if you are within the 14 day period following contagion), fever, other contagious diseases (including colds and flus), recent operations or surgery, unstable and untreated high blood pressure, infectious conditions (including skin conditions), immunisations within 24hrs, nausea, vomiting, diarrhoea, severe anaemia or haemophilia, deep vein thrombosis, oedema (if it has come from heart failure, liver or kidney disease, trauma or infection), first 3 months of pregnancy, and acute injuries (within the first 48-72 hours). You also cannot come for treatment if you are under the influence of alcohol or drugs.

There are also ‘Medical Contraindications’ – which mean that I will require a written letter or email from your GP or Medical Consultant or Specialist giving me permission, prior to being able to treat you, and even then we may need to avoid certain areas. Some examples of where this might be applicable are: unmedicated/controlled high blood pressure (or if you have only just started on medication), heart problems where there has been a history of angina, heart attacks or strokes, where you have a pacemaker fitted (not always a problem but we have to check), broken or fractured bones, epilepsy, osteoarthritis and rheumatoid arthritis, Parkinsons disease, aneurysm, diabetes, severe uncontrolled asthma, multiple sclerosis, bells palsy, circulatory problems such as deep vein thrombosis or blood clots, blood thinning medications such as warfarin or heparin, major recent surgery, oedema, cancer (again, sometimes ok but it depends on the severity of the disease and the stage of other treatments/recovery).

The best kind (!) of these are ‘Local Contraindications’ – which mean I can still go ahead with your massage session, but we will need to avoid certain areas of the body, or use different techniques or essential oils in order for the treatment to be safe for you. Some examples of these are: sunburn, undiagnosed pain, phlebitis, recent scar tissue, varicose veins, blisters, eczema, abdominal hernias, blisters, cuts, abrasions, acute neuritis, 48 hours after vaccinations or injections, sprains, strains, intense pain areas, gout, localised skin conditions (such as cold sores, athletes foot, verrucas, warts etc), cysts or fibroids, acute haematoma, undiagnosed lumps or bumps.

There are also other times when we must just exercise a ‘Caution’ when you come for treatment. These are times when it is safe to treat, but due to your personal circumstances, I may need to adapt the techniques used as well as the oil choices. Some of these are: difficulties in pregnancy, irritable bowel syndrome, Crohns, osteoporosis, low blood pressure, endometriosis, diabetes (even if controlled), cancer (even if GP approval given), depression, chronic fatigue, colitis, and high blood pressure (even if controlled), or if you are on any medications that mean you bruise or tire more easily.

Please note that these lists are not exhaustive, so if you are in any doubt if massage is suitable for you, please do call me and speak to your medical professional to be sure. Massage is safe and hugely beneficial for most people, so I hope to see you soon!

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